Friday Nov 1st thru Sunday Nov 24th 8PM
8 W Elizabeth St. Maytown, PA 17550

This will be an online only antique sale to include crocks, toys, PA Game Commission items, glassware, tins, & more. Check back for more details.
Come out and preview Friday November 22nd 12:00 to 5:00 at 8 W Elizabeth St. Maytown, PA 17552.  Some GPS sites like Google Maps the city & zip is Marietta, PA 17547.
1980 Monte Carlo
Antiques & Collectibles
Fiestaware, framed pictures & art, advertising tins, wooden crates, Capt Harry Jobes duck decoy, toy cars/trucks/tractors, crocks, advertising, depression glass, metal milk can, Christmas decor(blow molds, ornaments, & more), Dept 56, Byers' Choice carolers, pilgrim figurines, runner sled, slaw board,washboards, vintage postcards, tin litho toy gun, brass fire nozzles & fire extinguishers, Dietz lantern, movie cameras & vintage cameras, vintage rotary phones, fireman's hats, cast iron decorations & firetrucks, small license plates, metal camping set, Wagnerware #3 skillet, electric rc helicopters, PA Game Commission posters & pins, Military cutlery & helmet, German military items, vintage Pyrex, Asian dolls, children's books, milk glass, bottles, figurines, jelly glasses, vintage hydrant, train engines & train sets, beer steins, Carnival glass, milk bottles, Cat's Meow displays, wooden high chair, 2 man hand saw, Longaberger baskets,  early car horns, Jennings compact bow, gun holsters, reloading equipment, ammo, Marksman Repeater BB gun, fishing equipment, pocket knives, & more

kerosene heater, aluminum step ladder, small metal toolbox with tools, fire truck wrenches, Blue Point gas wire welder, micrometer depth gage, micrometer set, Mitutoyo measuring tools, measuring tools & gages, dies, micrometer caliper tools, taps, drill bits, woodworking tools & planers, assorted blades, cast iron jack, vintage clamps, heavy duty vise, 8" grinder/buffer, & more

Musical Instruments
American Legacy 6 string acoustic/electric guitar, First Act electric guitar, soprano saxophone, vintage tambourine

Have you items shipped or pick them up Monday November 25th 10:00 till 6:00 or Tuesday November 26th 9:00 till 3:00 at 8 W Elizabeth St. Maytown, PA 17550.  Anything not picked up by Friday November 29th will be shipped at your cost or resold.  Call 717-618-9727 if you have any questions.